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Sanskrit is really the world-language. Its knowledge helps in studying: a. European things of the past as a lot of technical terms are similar between Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Hittite etc. The languages, religion and cultures of the Middle east like Persian, Iranian and Arabic which owe a lot of similarity. Indian things whether religions, philosophy, arts, science like Ayurveda, Vedic mathematics, Vastu, Tantra, Kriyayoga and other specialisations which are all the popular subjects in today.

A glimpse of ancient world religions, languages, customs, traditions, culture can be easy to get through the glass of Vedic and Sanskrit literature.

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Since both Sanskrit and the computer are having less irregularities, if not perfect, their combination should work marvellously for the benefit of mankind. In short, Sanskrit is the container of all that which is Indian. Like the saying,. England, without Shakespeare is a zero. India without Sanskrit would be zero..

In other words, understanding and appreciation of numerous Indian things whether music, dance, arts, rituals, tradition, religions, values, languages, science etc. The integrity of the Indian elements owe essentially to the Sanskrit language and literature which has the universal impact upon them.

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Sanskrit being the mother of all Indian languages and a sister of all the European languages, with its knowledge you are capable of learning most of the current world languages easily. Owing to the spiritual contents predominant in its literature, the knowledge of Sanskrit adds many important dimension to our personality.

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Recipient of many medals and honours, He is at once a Physician, an astrophysicist and an applied mathematician. He is an author who has numerous publications, both technical and educational. Ancient Indian history, geology and archaeology also attracted his attention. Besides Medicinal Science, he is keenly interested in ancient Indian philosophy.

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Rupnathji is more than a scientist. He is a physicist-philosopher as well versed in Sanskrit, English Hindi and Bengali literature as in physics. University Professor Language Specialist Dr. People can do their jobs and can take the benefits of such services without going to a particular destination. The live online astrology consultation is a service where you can get the easy access of the famous and experienced astrologers through your phone or laptop moving anywhere. You can enjoy this easy process by just installing the apps and registering on it.

Get information on different kinds of the predictions related to love marriage, relationships, career, family and health with ease and without waiting for a long period. The expert astrologers who are available on the other side and are online will provide you the solution instantly. You can also leave a message and get the solution after sometime as per your need.

You will be able to get all the required information from your astrologer and start applying the solution so easily. You can ask questions to the astrologers and get the solutions suitable for you instantly without any confusion and miss communication. If you are looking for any astrological solutions, you can ask your query. Another benefit here is that some astrologers are online in odd timing as well and if you are not getting time to consult them in your regular schedule, you can consult them late at night or early morning whatever is suitable to you.

So, just type your query or doubt and get the answers instantly. Below are some examples that can help you understand these app in a better way and can make you understand the benefits of asking a question from your astrologer with a help of an Android app. Suppose you are asking some questions to the astrologer and want to know about the solutions to your problems.

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For example: Is there any problem or hurdle your child will face in education? The chances are also that you miscommunicate something on the phone and the astrologer made the prediction accordingly. The outcome will not be according to you and the problem will persist. In this case, the hard work of the astrologer will go in the vein and you will keep on hopping from one astrologer to the other.

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It is quite obvious that written communication is clearer and can be stored easily. So, why not to choose a reliable live chat app for your astrology concerns. Reviews Review Policy. Moderate Interface Upgrades. Moderate Feature Upgrades. Now Write Reviews along with Ratings.

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