Horoscope analysis of sachin tendulkar

Millions and millions of people around the world believe that Sachin Tendulkar's talent is unparalleled in the cricket history of the world. No wonder that this secular saint has been informally bestowed with the title 'God of Cricket'.

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Sachin Tendulkar may have retired from playing cricket but he continues to rule the hearts of numerous cricket lovers. This gentle, sensible, non-controversial and modest superhero of cricket has always used for team India, his patience and effective time management, to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Astrology analysts have always found it difficult to understand that how can Sachin Tendulkar, who has scaled such huge heights, continue to remain so homely and polite. Other questions which have intrigued astrologers are: if the celestial planets have played an important role in Sachin Tendulkar's brilliant success and whether Sachin Tendulkar will continue to enjoy so much popularity even in the future?

Ganesha has now tried to find out the answers to these questions concerning Sachin Tendulkar using its astrological analysis. In Sachin Tendulkar's horoscope, Jupiter, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are in lowly position and along with the ascendant Moon in a triangular position, they together create a Neech Bhang Rajyog.


Sun is on the higher plane and lowly Saturn eyes the third house highly in Sachin Tendulkar's horoscope. Due to these celestial positions, Sachin Tendulkar is blessed with unprecedented success in career and fame, glory from across the world. On the other hand, Rahu is passing through Leo sign. As per the planetary positions, apart from getting lots of money, Sachin Tendulkar will also derive fame and respect in society.

The effect of Saturn and Rahu will be moderate.

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As Jupiter eyes the fifth and ninth house in transit, there are chances of huge success in mental, social, state and a lot many other areas. He may complete several tasks and also enjoy the highest level of family happiness.

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This is what Ganesha feels about Tendulkar's future prospects. But what do the planets indicate about your career?

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    On the other hand, his planets primarily. Mercury being his ascendant sign is auspicious for him. Placements of the 12thlord the Sun in the 8thhouse in its sign of exaltation gives rise to an auspicious Viparita Raja Yoga and due to this all odds have always turned in his favour.

    An astrological analysis of Sachin Tendulkar horoscope

    In November during the sub-period of Mars in the main period of Rahu, Sachin Tendulkar retired gracefully from international cricket after playing his th and final Test. Saturn favoured him The lord of the 5th house viz. Strong Moon Moon is the 11th lord and it is the depositor of Jupiter. Strong 3rd House As exalted Mars governs the 3rd house in his chart and it is well placed therefore the 3rd house is also auspicious and strong.

    Strong Gemini Sign The zodiac sign of Gemini falls in his 10th house of profession and lord of this sign viz. Strong Ascendant Mercury strengthens its sign of exaltation in the ascendant due to its aspect.