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Pisces and Taurus Love Compatibility

Both of these celestial bodies vibrate with feminine energy. Cancer often keeps emotions bottled up and simmering inside, which can lead to occasional boil-overs. As the Moon controls the tides of the Earth, quietly affecting all life, so does Cancer, manipulating behind the scenes. Cancer tends to be sentimental, and both partners prefer to enjoy each other rather than socializing with large groups.

Water and Earth are compatible as tangible, physical entities.

Taurus Compatibility - Taurus Love Horoscope -

In turn, Taurus tends to have a more stable view of life than does Cancer and is less prone to emotional turmoil; therefore, Taurus can help Cancer stabilize their tumultuous feelings. This can provide Cancer with an emotional rock, as Taurus is entirely dedicated to the relationship. In turn, Cancer can bring new inspiration to the relationship and start new projects that Taurus will enjoy taking over later.

The steady, reliable team they make.

Taurus Compatibility // Astrology

Both Signs are dependable and nurturing, strongly oriented toward domestic life together. A mutual love of home and security makes theirs an ideal long-term, family relationship. Who's in your future?

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Ask a psychic now. Furthermore, each of you possesses qualities that the other admires.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Although you and Leo are very different people, you do share some powerful bonds. First and foremost, you both love the finer things in life, such as good food, beautiful clothes, and gorgeous surroundings. And thirdly, the two of you are highly creative. These bonds can keep your friendship afloat when your dissimilarities threaten to tear it apart.

In return, the Lion will suppress their criticisms about your thrifty ways. This is a lovely friendship that affords much affection, security, and happiness. The two of you have a great appreciation for nature, and may enjoy talking long walks through the park together.

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Eating outdoors also appeals to you, especially if you remember to take along plenty of napkins, hand sanitizer, and garbage bags -- Virgo is a notorious neat freak. After all, your pal has to put up with your stubbornness! If you still have questions about your specific friendship situation, the Tarot can help. You and Libra are both ruled by the planet Venus, giving you a deep appreciation for art and beauty. However, your tastes are probably quite different.

Worst Matches

You like classical forms of expression, while Libra is more intrigued by cutting-edge artists. You prefer the company of one or two friends, while Libra prefers to mix with a huge group of people. Yes, provided you look to Libra as a friend who provides you with much-needed stimulation, and Libra treats you as someone who can provide them with welcome stability.

Still, you each possess qualities that the other admires. The two of you may share an interest in wine tasting, film, and dance, and will often use these activities as a means to smooth over your differences. Your Sagittarian friend is a bit of a puzzle for you.

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Despite your radically different natures, you do possess traits that the other admires. Get your full Astrology birth chart now with our Essential Birth Report , and start having better experiences with everyone around you. For instance, you both want a life that is comfortable, stable, and prosperous.

You crave beauty and the Goat yearns for stature.

Taurus Friendship Compatibility: The Practical One

However, this friendship will be harmonious for the most part. Your friendship with Aquarius poses some interesting challenges for you, Taurus. For one thing, this sign despises conventions, while you draw strength from them.