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This great attitude helps a Libra to draw friends and romantic partners to them. Libra is a social sign, so they love that they tend to draw people towards them. Other people tend to like having a Libran around for their insightful look at things as well as their peaceful disposition. Libra often has a low work-ethic, which means that bosses and coworkers may not make the best of friends.

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Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Libra is smart enough to get the job done, they just tend to procrastinate. They are also indecisive when it comes to many non-work related issues. They will need a romantic partner that can help them to make choices without deciding for them. They also crave for sexual excitement in their relationship. Read about Libra sexuality. This goes along nicely with Cancer adapting quickly to change in the Cancer Libra compatibility.

As you can see, the Cancer Libra compatibility have many traits that seem to work well together. Now lets look at the pros of a Cancer woman being in a romantic relationship with a Libra man. This Cancer and Libra relationship will work well together because they are both looking for a secure and stable bond, which they are both able to provide for each other.

Romance and Marriage

The Libra man is more romantic than men of some of the other signs, which will please the Cancer woman in his life. These two will treat each other nicely; there are hardly ever fights or arguments between the two. Sometimes it takes a while for these two to fall in love, but once they are in love, they are sure that it is true love, and not just a honeymoon effect or puppy love. The Cancer dating a Libra often does not have sex until they are in love as well, but once they do get around to getting in bed together it will be a passionate, but loving experience for both of them.

While these are the same signs, their genders have some effect on the outcome of the relationship. Here are some pros of this Cancer Libra love compatibility. This couple is a romantic one that is there for each other no matter what happens. These two signs are great at balancing each other out. The Cancer man is more emotional than most men, and at times he needs some help with sorting out his emotions, which his Libra woman can do.


She is a peaceful creature and she will want to be with someone who has a stable lifestyle so the her life can remain calm. Luckily, the Cancerian is able to provide that kind of stability. Similarly, Aries respects your gift for spinning straw into gold. The two of you would do well in politics, whether supporting a candidate or running on the same ticket.

You could also find success in finance or scientific research. This is one of those work partnerships that is almost destined to succeed. A beautiful environment will attract a higher grade of clientele. Besides, Taurus is always more productive when surrounded by plants, pictures, and handsome furniture.

This is an interesting work partnership that is fraught with challenges and rewards. This sign is good at making money, but has difficulty retaining it. Still, you can use your differences to your mutual advantage. For instance, Gemini loves to socialize, while you prefer dealing with people you know. Let your colleague drum up new clients while you develop existing relationships. Looking for more career insight? When two Crabs meet, they circle each other cautiously, looking for weaknesses in the other. The two of you would do very well as running a restaurant, school, or eldercare facility.


You like earning money, and Leo likes spending it. Are there any similarities here? You like lingering over projects that give you deep pleasure. Opening an art gallery, craft business, or interior decorating firm will draw on both of your prodigious talents. This is a pleasant partnership that can yield impressive results.

Both you and Virgo take great pride in helping others. Virgo does this by analysis, while you operate on intuition. Still, the products of your labors are equally impressive.

Summary of Cancer compatibility

A fling might work, rarely. But flighty Sagittarius and homebody Cancerians just don't mesh. Cancer and Leo compatibility. Cancerians might enjoy a fling with Leo : Leos love receiving attention, and Cancerians will happily give attention to their loved ones. But when it comes down to it, Leo is still a fire sign. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss.

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Love Compatibility

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