Venus libra compatibility

A Scorpio sun may be the most mysterious of the signs, but Venus in Scorpio is quite clear. They might be discreet in showing their initial interest, but someone with their Venus sign in Scorpio is not to be toyed with. They need the real deal. An ideal partner needs to be able to handle intensity.

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They should also appreciate and reciprocate the courage it takes this sign to be intimate. Loving someone with Venus in Sagittarius can be an adventure. This is reflective of the sign itself: they can be full of contradictions, but overall, a long-term relationship with this sign needs time and space to grow. Their partner is bound to be transformed. Their partner needs to be resilient and willing to go on journeys. They also need to provide an anchor for this Venus sign, as they can get stuck in the clouds and try to run the second reality hits hard.

This sign in Venus is chill, but future-oriented. They are not overly expressive with their love, but if they let you know they want you in their life, the right partner can pick this up as a rather romantic gesture. An ideal partner should also have plenty of goals and self-motivation to achieve them.

Venus in Libra - Libra As A Lover

They should not try to rush things, though perhaps they can bring some more warmth to the relationship. People with their Venus sign in Aquarius can be surprising, even rebellious when it comes to their love life. They want something unique and unexpected. Venus in Aquarius is liberal-minded in the traditional sense of the phrase; they will give anything and everything a chance, breaking most to all rules along the way.

Sun enters Scorpio

This sign is most compatible with another who understands their lack of emotional display. This air sign also needs space to breathe at times. He or she wants to see adoring eyes and will lose interest in a flash if the twinkle goes out of your eyes. What attracts Venus Libra is alertness and bright repartee , as well as an overall appealing outer package. Libra is Venus' own sign and one of a heightened sense for aesthetics. Looks are important to them, though they may have a quirky style, and go for striking types since they also appreciate originality.

You'll find clues by reading about Libra in Love since Venus is the love planet. Venus shows us what we're drawn to in relationship, and that varies with the Zodiac signs. Venus Libra guys and gals are strong-willed, and have a cardinal initiating edge. Sometimes they're what you might call socially aggressive -- they use their charm and magnetism to steer things their way. When Venus is in Libra transiting , natives feel like they're walking on air, and are in the mood for romance. Compatible elements are fire and air, and these Venus signs also get a lift.

Venus Libra is at first wowed by the forceful Aries attention but then wilts if that gaze turns elsewhere. Here's a case of opposites attract, but sooner or later both will deploy their particular sign's tactics of one-up-manship. The Aries-Libra polarity means swings from extremes of "Me" and "We," which keeps things interesting!

Both are Venus-ruled, and lovers of finely crafted things, the melodious and the tasteful. They are accumulators of nice stuff, though Venus Taurus tends to take that a bit too far for Libra's need for spacious digs. The Bull likes to show love in a sensual, earthy way and may be put off by Venus Libra's running commentary on everything, even analyzing technique in the boudoir. These are fellow air sign travellers, who share a love of novelty and ideating, and are repulsed by the idiocracy.

They may find it hard to settle down together beyond the everyday superficialities that bring them together. It's a pair that delights in wit, irony, and sarcasm. In earthy Capricorn, the sign that wants to build, Mars, the planet of action, is exalted. Like Mars in Scorpio, you have a tendency towards fixation and workaholism, and you require partners and playmates who understand this side of you. How you ask someone out: Directly. You have approximately zero time for bullshit. Think Professor X. That fight with your partner they just now saw coming?

You had it in your head ten minutes ago.

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  • How you ask someone out: You are an expert at playing it cool, at asking folks out without seeming too emotionally invested. But why are you so detached, babe? What do you have to lose by showing your hand every once in a while? Every evening and morning presents the opportunity to learn something new. The ultimate romantic. How you channel energy: Through touch, through just being. Cultivating boundaries and learning to articulate what you need will help.

    Are Aries and Libra Compatible?

    How you ask someone out: With a glance. With touch. With energy. You know how to project yourself across a room. To get the most accurate chart, you need your exact time of birth in addition to your date and place of birth; however, you can still do a chart without a time of birth.

    Libra Venus

    Go forth and learn! You can read her horoscopes for writers at Electric Literature. She is currently working on a memoir. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. Mostly my extreme attraction to her. Scorpio revels in the transformative, in those liminal moments between life and death, between foreplay and sex and orgasm, between society and the abject.

    Oh, and when it comes to sex, nobody does it better. Your thinking is dynamic, sharp, innovative. Sensitive, intuitive. You care with your whole heart. You crave oneness: merging, losing yourselves in each other, two or more become one. Have really enjoyed reading these!

    It really is all about whatever has my cogs turning at the time. Also explains a little the discrepancy between myself and my Leo Mars partner, haha. Always a challenge to date your pretty much exact opposite sign! This is me and my partner too! So rare to hear of other couples with this pairing, haha. I love this series so much!

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    Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Libra

    I like it. You need to login in order to like this post: click here Have really enjoyed reading these! You need to login in order to like this post: click here This is me and my partner too!