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Sri Vishnu Sahasranam Strot is composed of verses containing the names of. Hanuman Chalisa. It is. Dinadarshikaa is a calendar application that gives you Panchang Five Angas of.

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The only qualm that I have now is the absence of option for calculation of true nodes. This is heavily limiting the usage of an otherwise excellent software in many aspects. This issue needs to be addressed on priority. I hope this comes up in the next update! SK Jhingan Great Service!!!! It definitely deseves five stars. With each update the app is getting better and better!!

To access Ascendant rising table we have to come out of the kundali; it should be accessible from chart screen.

Victor Valentin Vikram Almost there. Needs transits function for current chart from Lagna's position with view of tables for transiting planets and house significations. Incorporating these features will make this a truly outstanding Astro App for KP Astrologers and one that I would gladly pay much more to have. Sushant Saini Good. Rajesh R Excellent Simply brilliant Sunil. You get all astrological information that you want.

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Top Charts. Free App Analytics. Audience Demographics User Graph. Description The Ephemeris Application is complete Astrological software for Astrologers as well as Astrology enthusiasts. Launched Mar 15, over 5 years ago. Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average. Current Version 5. Nov 03 Bug related to share screen is corrected. Oct 28 Version 4. Bug related to application crash is corrected.

Oct 20 Jun 08 To give you a detailed and accurate reading based on your palm, I would need 4 clear pictures of both hands front and back. Just ask the question you want an answer to and I would provide you with an answer along with the picture of cards drawn. I can give you a full report about your life on matters like Love life, Education, Career, Health, etc. I would need your correct Birth Details in order to give you an accurate and detailed report.

I can tell you about your compatibility with another person and give you details about your married life.

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If you want your birth time rectified corrected , I can help you do that. I would need birth details of your family members and siblings along with any major event that happened recently in your life like an accident, marriage, child birth, etc. Born in Delhi in a Brahmin family. Since my school days, I was interested in occult science. Done graduation in Arts from DU. A trained nursery teacher, fashion designer, I chose this profession because astrology is a divine science and I believe one can truly help others by suggesting them about what steps they should take in future.

Astrologers are also motivators and I believe we can extract good out of people who are looking to consult us. I am available at all times for those who seek consultancy in Astrology, Tarot Reading or Palm Reading. I am a dream analyzer if you are seeing certain dreams and you want to know the meaning of those dreams I can help you, doing meditation and practicing kundalini yoga for fast twenty four years.

This helps me to see the root cause of any problem.

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At present: 1. I also associate with Liquid Software Mobile Mobile app Development Company in two of their excellent astrology and psychic consultancy apps: - My Astrology Advisor - Psychic TXT -My Tarot Advisor I have been practicing astrology for five years professionally, even though I may not have been in business for far too long, I have helped numerous people find happiness and lead them to a path of success through various seminars and workshops and all of my predictions have been very precise.

I have helped many people to get rid of their nightmares through my knowledge in dream analysis.

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In my many various consultations, I have provided many solutions to people who were really depressed and helped them be happy again. I believe that it is my duty to provide with the best and most accurate answers to help you overcome any obstacles relating to any matter of your life. I can guide you towards the most fruitful path of your life.