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Christopher Warnock is a renowned astrological magician and teacher. Although he primarily focuses on consultation work, Christopher also translates and publishes astrological texts; creates and sells astrological talismans; and teaches numerous students the techniques of traditional astrology through his horary, electional, and natal courses.

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A practicing attorney, Christopher also runs the Spiritus Mundi Yahoo Group, which focuses on the astrology of the Renaissance you can read his full bio here. Greetings, Christopher. How long has renaissanceastrology. How did it all begin? I knew Cat Yronwode, who has a huge hoodoo site, LuckyMojo. I studied HTML for about two weeks and then started designing the site.

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To this day I do all of the web design, SEO, and routine site maintenance. This is really key for any small business using the Internet. If you are totally dependent on an outside web designer, it is expensive and inefficient. I really do enjoy the design process, with the website, books, talismans, etc. One of the things I liked about LuckyMojo is that there is extensive interlinking of pages on the site, with major terms and areas linked so you can surf to them. Can you please tell us something about the nature of Renaissance astrology, and what differentiates it from modern, Medieval, Hindu systems, etc.?

They both originated in the earlier Arabic astrology of the 8th to 10th centuries and share the same philosophy and most of their techniques. The difference is that Renaissance astrology is simplified, relative to Medieval, as Medieval is simplified relative to the earlier Arabic astrology. Vedic astrology is the astrology of India. It has a traditional philosophy which is spiritually based and integrated into traditional Hindu religion and culture, so in that way it is similar to traditional Western astrology.

Plus, both Vedic and traditional Western astrology are focused on prediction. Modern Western astrology is predominately psychological and based on natal, i. I had a legal case involving the definition of a month. A month originally was the time it took the Moon to orbit the Earth. This got me into celestial cycles, and astrology is the study of celestial cycles.

A friend says I fell down a rabbit hole, and I guess I am still falling! What was it about Renaissance Astrology that apparently attracted you more than that of the Medieval and Hellenistic periods?

Mansions of the Moon Astrology and Magic

I have an M. Andrews in Scotland focusing on Renaissance history, so even before astrology, I was quite taken with the Early Modern period.

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I was taught Lilly-style horary and thus started off in Renaissance astrology. Really though, there is not much of a division between Renaissance and Medieval, and I tend to choose the Medieval methods, but when the later astrologers started changing them. Is there a particular branch of astrology you feel more at home with, or that you especially enjoy practicing? I practice horary, natal, and electional. I like horary, natal, and electional, but horary is my favorite because it is so precise and so accurate.

Of what potential benefit could it be for someone to get an accurate forecast of the future, as in horary? The perceived value of an accurate prediction really depends on the client. I even discourage some questions. The best clients really do want to know the answer even if it is a no.

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They realize that being able to predict the future is priceless information. I was a seeker for a long time. Looking, but not always sure what I was looking for. I was led by astrology into Hermeticism and Neoplatonic thought. Currently, I am working within the Soto Zen tradition. I do an invocation of the planetary ruler of the day every day, and have been doing so for years.

I am essentially a celestial priest, working with the astrological spirits. As I mentioned, I am working to synergize Western astrology and astrological spirits with Zen Buddhism. If someone new to astrology wanted to begin learning, what advice would you have for them?

If you want to learn modern astrology, just pick up a book or two or lurk on a discussion group for a few days and read a few websites. Traditional astrology is a different matter.

Renaissance Astrology: What Does It Mean if a Chart is Not Radical?

It is complex, difficult, and takes years to master. Get a teacher and take a course! Magic, at least to me, is working with the spiritual world. The Catholic Mass seems like magic to me, in a good way. Perhaps magicians are more individualistic, more focused on personal goals. The philosophy that supports magic and astrology is the same, i. Hermetic and Neoplatonic, which holds that the Cosmos is one great unified being with all things tied together by spiritual bonds, sympathy, and correspondence.

The astrologer watches these connections passively and uses them to predict. What factors led to your translation of Picatrix into English with John Michael Greer and its subsequent publication? How is it doing? I was first introduced to Picatrix by my magical teacher Robert Zoller in It was only available in Latin at the time. So I tried to learn Latin the conventional way by learning grammar, etc. I just started trying to read Picatrix with a Latin dictionary. Generally, people get all excited, but you send them the text and then you never hear from them.

John is an excellent Latinist, a magician, and a published esoteric author. He was very serious about getting Picatrix translated, but we needed to collaborate because of the heavy astrological content. What are your views on modern astrology? I had a poster asking about what kind of astrological software to buy. My response is, why buy expensive astrological software at all?

The difference between the free online software at Astrodienst use "Chart drawing Ascendant" and expensive, commercial software costing several hundred dollars is pretty minimal. They all give you quick, easy and above all accurate charts, which Lilly no doubt would trip out over. He used to have his charts sent out to be done! The most popular programs that traditional astrologers use are Janus and Solar Fire. I haven't used Janus, but I've never heard anyone complain vehemently about it and certainly lots of traditional astrologers like Janus and use it.

Solar Fire is what I use, but with my special Traditional Page. This page only works if you already have Solar Fire! There is a natal version that comes free with my Natal Astrology Course. Here's the thing. Sadly, this is not so! An astrological chart to an astrologer is like an X-ray to a radiologist.

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A vital tool, but useless without mastery of the area. On the other hand, if you do want to spend your money, you are going to be fine for traditional astrology with Janus or with Solar Fire and my Traditional Page.