Horoscop taurus 26 26 november 2019

The Astrologer’s Diary: 26 November-2 December 2018

Growing up is an uneasy task for them especially when pushed onto them in all the wrong ways, but the creative force coming out of it is as powerful as human nature itself. This symbol points out the importance of the support system they have in their lives, and these individuals will find learning a natural flow of personal growth.

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When primal support is given, they will always find a way to reach out to loving and protective individuals to teach them new things, even when everything around them seems to crumble down and push them out of certain social circles. Sun is the guiding light and the point of gravitation for those born on November 26th, pulling them towards their truest identity and creativity that resonates with their inner child.

Venus enters Scorpio

They are to focus on themselves, even when others see them as selfish, so they can form a line of defense and enrich their own life before sharing what they never managed to build for themselves. In order to give, they must feed their own heart first, and as they learn that self-respect and value of Self need to be on top of their priority list, they will see true positions of other people in their lives and feel gratitude for all lessons learned, proud of achievements that show their strengths and talents. Giving inspiration and love, they could cast aside what they really need out of healthy bonds in life, seeing themselves as emotionally incompetent or immature comparing to those who have "bigger problems in life".

They need to face their shadows head on instead of trying to make everything in their own life peachy and happy to find themselves as equal to others. Once they deal with their own wounds, their personal painful truths and details in their life that have been dysfunctional, they become aware of their true place among others. This cleanses their relationships and gives them direction, as they find purpose in seeking a partner who is stable, centered, opinionated and authentic in their expression.

Once their personality is stable and their emotions protected, they will commit in mutual loyalty to someone respectfully different, strong and independent to share the adventure of life with.

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A person born on November 26th excels in gameplay, work environments that are out of the ordinary, as artists, designers and teachers. They work extremely well with children and young people who are on the search for their direction in life.

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  6. The Picasso marble is a great choice of stone for those born on November 26th. It is a crystal that boosts inner artistic gifts, turning one's focus on their inner beliefs. Increase your water intake. You will be soon be back on track.

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    Avoid alcohol. Take care of your dental parts. Brushing twice is a good idea. Each individual is unique and wants to explore himself fully! But you have been restraining your partner of the same! You are afraid that they may give up something valuable and the risk undertaken may not be successful. Just relax and let your partner explore themselves. They need your support badly. Give it to them and spice it up with some romance too! Understand compatibility with love horoscope.

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